Artisanal Soap & Washes

Artisanal Soap & Washes

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    Our Luxe Bars and washes are true soap, they are mild, yet effective, we do not use detergents or additives that may feel like soap, but are imposters. Most commercially produced soap contains ingredients to feel like soap, those can be drying to your skin - and we don't want that for you. 

    We use recognizable, and naturally or sustainably derived ingredients, they are gentle, cleansing, and pleasing to the senses!

    Our Artisanal Soaps and washes are everything your skin craves, they are cruelty free, and never tested on animals.    

    Treat yourself to some of the most nourishing and best plant based oils and butters on the planet in our bars and washes. No harsh detergents or weird surfactants or other unwanted ingredients will be found here. 

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