Our Story

LYHBBB (short for Love Your Health Bath, Body, Beauty) was founded in 2018 by Davon McCormick to solve her teenager son's moderate acne and hyperpigmentation flares on his face.  The acne was severe enough where it impacted his confidence, his academic performance in school, and his social engagement with his peers. 

Davon is a Warrior Mom and natural problem solver, she wanted to address the issue once and for all. After trying numerous products, spending countless time and dollars on commercially marketed brands and still no signs of improvement in sight, the flares and scarring persisted. It was a horrible cycle with no end in sight. His nutrition was good, and his hygiene to keep the bacteria down was also good - still no improvement, but it significantly impacted her son's ability to thrive.

Realizing that the condition was not improving, Davon pivoted, she had years of prior experience in creating soap with her maternal Grandmother from childhood. Davon also has extensive experience in studying natural holistic health and nutrition. Davon combined that generational knowledge along with her years' experience in holistic and natural health and care to formulate her first soap on her own.  

Once the soap was formulated, then created, cut, and left to cure, it was time for Davon to have her son try the soap.  He was given 2 bars, one for his face and one for his body because he also had acne on his body as well. 

After her son used the bars consistently for several days, they noticed that no new break outs occurred, after several weeks use they noticed the hyperpigmentation and scarring also started to fade. Within a month's time the breakouts were visibly gone, no new breakouts (including the angriest of them) and the scarring, dark spots had faded significantly.

That tried and true recipe has evolved over time and has become the flagship bar at LYHBBB (the Blaque Activated Charcoal Luxe Soap Bar). The original first bars created by Davon for her son are pictured below.

All of the products sold here at LYHBBB are carefully formulated and produced in smaller batches to ensure the highest quality standards. As LYHBBB grows, we have made the commitment to procure many of the ingredients from businesses that leverage fair trade, equitable/fair partnerships, and sustainable practices.   

LYHBBB does not claim that the products contained herein can cure, treat, diagnose anyone's conditions.  Davon took her vision to be of service and support to others for healthier self-care and self-love rituals using luxe natural products and combined it with desire to honor her Grandmother.  She did this by formulating and eventually creating tangible products that support skin health, by incorporating natural based skin care, rooted in the intention of mindfulness, self acceptance, self care, and self love. 

LYHBBB is the embodiment of Self Love through mindfulness exercised in self-care practices, with the intention of creating impactful moments of joy, quality natural plant based ingredients, luxurious pleasure, and an undeniable reminder to love and accept oneself.  

- Beloved, treat yourself -